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3 Week Jump Start Your Health Package

A holistic approach focuses on the mind and body as a whole, rather than separate entities. This approach can help prevent the development of illness and disease and relieve symptoms of those who are already suffering from illness or disease.





A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Mental health is important for everyone. Not just those suffering from mental illness and diseases.

When it comes to mental health, taking a holistic approach can help to promote a healthy mind, prevent the development of mental illness and disease, relieve the symptoms of those already suffering from these conditions, and slow or even prevent the development of neurodegenerative disease





Pranidhanat Parinama: Surrender & Transform

In this 8 week online course you will work with elemental medicine, use mindfulness practices and other techniques to assess and transform your diet and lifestyle habits allowing you to release…to shed… to surrender…to heal.. grow, transform, blossom and bloom.




Support Session

This 1 hour support session is great if you need guidance through a transitional time, feel like you need a little support right now, have some questions, feel like you need some help getting back on track or are new to Barefood&Barefoot and want to see if my services are right for you!

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Your journey to a healthy mind, body and spirit can seem overwhelming at times…

But you don’t have to do it alone.