What’s the Tea? Podcast



Join Jesse Rose and MK for candid conversations over a cup of tea centering around herbalism, plants as medicine for the mind body & soul, holistic and integrative health, spirituality, mindfulness & more…really anything goes.





Meet the Hosts

Jesse Rose’s experience and background with herbalism, health, yoga, anatomy, movement medicine and more has led her to sharing her passions through her business, Rooted Spirit, where she offers herbal medicines, teachings, holistic coaching and more. She shares about her connection to the natural world and herbalism stemming from her Indigenous roots while threading in the teachings of alchemical and energetic herbalism and heart centered living.

Michaela, aka MK, began studying nutrition, which then led her to a more holistic way of living, turning inward and working with her mental health and heart-centered living guided by Earth based spirituality and communion with the plants and the land around us. She incorporates many angles of holistic health and well-being, spirituality and mindful practices into her business, Barefood&Barefoot, such as yoga, breathwork, meditation, nutrition, plant medicine, energetics of plants and more.

“I think this is a beautiful invitation…we are sipping on tea and I feel so grateful that we are kind of letting the plants guide us. Thats the real intention here. We are centering this podcast around a cup of tea and in that way, the whole transmission, whatever is being shared is coming from that place. We are allowing the plants to facilitate that journey. We have no real expectations. We are not…trying to structure in our human ways onto this. We are trying to let it flow naturally and I think its really beautiful. It invites people as well, and encourages people to get a cup of tea themselves and sit down and just be present with the plants and the tea.” 

– Jesse Rose

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