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return home to yourself & connect with the goddess withinin

What is Goddess Mentoring?

Goddess Mentoring is similar to lifestyle coaching but takes a more feminine approach centered around spirituality, fluidity and heart-centered living, rather than a masculine approach only focusing on tangible productivity. Goddess Mentoring does not exclude the masculine however but rather combines with the feminine approach creating a truly holistic way of living.


Goddess Mentoring can help to align/realign with your purpose and passions, it allows space to step into your creative and wild side, builds trust and confidence in yourself, your intuition and your abilities and aids in taking back your power. The goddess archetype is about embracing sensuality and sexuality, stepping into your divinity and all archetypes that are present within the duality of the feminine– from the nurturing mother, to the untamed wild woman and the creatrix. The graceful goddess, the wise elder and all that is in between. Embodying these different roles that are present within each and everyone of us allows us to step in our power and share our light with the world.


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What Goddess Mentoring includes…




other mindfulness practices

guidance with inner work

holistic mental health practices & resources

holistic recipes, meal plans, etc.

work & guidance with herbs

resources & more


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“In a single human being there are many other beings, all with their own values, motives, and devices… Rather than corrupt her natural beauty, our work is to build for all these beings a wildish countryside wherein the artists among them can make, lovers love, the healers heal.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés