Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality, authentic holistic health services and handcrafted herbal products intentionally curated to focus on mental health, allowing our customers and clients to easily integrate practices and products into their daily life to aid in achieving true health and contentment of the mind, body and soul in order to live a heart-centered life.


Our philosophy is to redefine the way we, as a society, view and work to achieve optimal mental and physical health and love of the self, using an approach that follows the idea of slow living versus a fast-paced, “need-results-now” lifestyle.

We believe it is of utmost importance to make mental and physical health and well-being and self-love top priorities. The most sustainable way to achieve this is through integrating authentic, vulnerable and intimate practices and quality products overtime. The practices and products we offer will aid in creating a seemingly new and whole version of the self, shedding past fears, worries, doubts, guilt, etc. that have accumulated as a byproduct of the culture that we live in. Creating sacred and/or spiritual practices with intention to implement them into every day life allow for a heart-centered way of living that creates a true sense of contentment, the feeling of “happiness” that we are all searching for, in order to ride the ebbs and flows of life with ease. We offer herbal products, yoga classes, health and wellness services, mindfulness practices and more to aid you in healing, growing, learning, unlearning and transforming, so you can surrender and simply be.

About the Owner

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Michaela Kascak, the founder of Barefood&Barefoot, is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, hatha/vinyasa/ecstatic yoga teacher, holistic mental health, diet and lifestyle coach and student of herbalism with a focus on mental health. She offers herbal products, health coaching services, online courses, yoga classes, workshops and more through this site.

Michaelas desire to heal feelings of discomfort, both mentally and physically, led her on her own personal health journey where she discovered the healing power of yoga, herbs and following a whole, plant-based foods diet. Her passion for continued growth, optimal health and a sense of freedom from dukkha (sanskrit for suffering), continues to lead her down many new paths spiritually and in the world of holistic health and wellness.

Barefood&Barefoot continues to expand as Michaela aids others on their own journey to achieving optimal health, mentally and physically, through use of herbs, yoga, dietary and lifestyle habits, mindfulness practices and more. She focuses on mental health, recognizing it’s connection to many other health complications and chronic illnesses and diseases. She works closely with clients to evaluate not only their diet, but also their lifestyle to aid them in creating new habits that will help to build a happy and healthy mind and achieve overall optimal health.


Michaela Kascak CNE, RYT

Mental Health Coach

Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

Hatha/Vinyasa/Ecstatic Yoga Teacher

Student of Herbalism