Our Mission

To cultivate community, connection, peace and joy.

We aim to foster more alcohol and drug-free experiences that entice all of the senses through our ritually crafted herbal Elixirs. Our Apothecary and Holistic Event Offerings provide customers with quality handcrafted herbal products and authentic offerings intentionally curated to emphasize the vital link between mental health and heart-centered living.

Our Philosophy 

The correlation between the Earth and Wellness is the heart of Barefood&Barefoot. Our offerings emphasize this relationship through the use of herbalism and other Earth-based practices to assist individuals in restoring their mental, physical and emotional/spiritual health.

In a productivity focused world, we highlight the importance of slow, intentional living.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu



Our Values

Alcohol and Drug Free Experiences

We believe in the importance of alcohol and drug-free experiences to support mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals, the community they are part of and the world as a whole. We foster these experiences by sharing our alternative offerings at private events and in community spaces including festivals and music events, where the use of drugs and alcohol are common.

Sustainability & Community

Our motto is “Bridging Mind, Heart and Earth.” As we work so closely with the Earth, we believe it is vitally important to be intentional with our sourcing, as to create minimal impact on our local ecosystem and the Earth as a whole. From our ingredients to our packaging, we aim to source as local and sustainable as possible. We source our ingredients from local small businesses and farms. Almost all of our packaging is recycled, reused/reusable or compostable. Learn how to properly dispose of your packaging here. Eventually, we hope to grow most of our herbs ourselves and to do so through a wild, regenerative garden. We are also always looking for more local partners to source from and also enjoy collaborating with other local, small businesses!

Accessibility & Inclusivity

We create easy to consume (aka delicious and versatile) products and believe in a one-on-one community-based business approach, which means we are continuously building relationships with customers and helping them to understand the ingredients and intention behind our offerings, in order to help them implement them into their lives. We also share other resources where customers can find more information to help support their overall health and well-being.

We offer our Apothecary products on the lower end of the price scale and offer discounts for members of the BIPOC community. We are always willing to offer our products and services for other exchanges or at discounted prices with those who feel they will be supportive for them, but may not have the financial means to obtain them at that time. For the Elixir Bar, we offer drinks at a sliding scale exchange so anyone and everyone can enjoy them and receive their benefits.

About the Owner

To read MK’s full story click here.

MK, the founder of Barefood&Barefoot, is a Creatrix, Herbalist, Culinary Nutritionist, Hatha/Vinyasa/Ecstatic Yoga Teacher, and Whole-istic Lifestyle Mentor with a focus on mental health and Heart-Centered living. She offers herbal products, elixirs, mentoring services, yoga classes, workshops and more.

MK’s desire to heal feelings of discomfort, both mentally and physically, led her on her own personal health journey where she discovered the healing power of yoga, herbs and following a whole, plant-based foods diet. Her passion for continued growth, optimal health and a sense of freedom from dukkha (sanskrit for suffering), continues to lead her down many new paths spiritually and in the world of holistic health and wellness.

Barefood&Barefoot continues to expand as MK aids others on their own journey to achieving optimal health, mentally and physically, through use of herbs, yoga, dietary and lifestyle habits, mindfulness practices and more. She focuses on mental health, recognizing it’s connection to many other health complications, illnesses and diseases. She works closely with clients to evaluate not only their diet, but also their lifestyle, to aid them in creating new habits that will help to build a healthy mind and achieve overall optimal health.


Michaela Kascak CNE, RYT

Alchemical Herbalist

Holistic Event Facilitator

Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Mentor

Hatha/Vinyasa/Ecstatic Yoga Teacher

Culinary Nutritionist