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Barefood&Barefoot Elixir Bar & Apothecary

The Apothecary

Support your mental health, live from your heart and move to the rhythm of Nature with our quality handcrafted herbal products.

The Elixir Bar

Entice all of the senses through our ritually crafted herbal mocktails, better referred to as Elixirs, that help to cultivate community, connection, peace & joy.




step into your

Authenticity • Vulnerability • Strength




Meet Michaela

Michaela (or MK) is an Alchemical Herbalist, Holistic Event Facilitator, Yoga Instructor, Holistic & Spiritual Lifestyle Mentor, Culinary Nutritionist and the Founder and Owner of Barefood&Barefoot.

Certified Culinary Nutritionist through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Certified Herbalist through The Herbal Academy, Student of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Learn more about Michaela here.

They cultivated such a unique and delicious offering with their elixir bar! I indulged in the spiced cacao and was in love with silky richness and twist of orange essence. It was delightful and a beautiful way to open my heart into the evening! Let these beauties grace your taste buds and spirits! ”

Carly Wojciechowski, Family Tree Fest

These drinks are so special and sincere! The creators/owners are the sweetest people you'd ever meet. I tried the Anahata and Cloud9 on the summer menu and can't wait to try the fall menu!! My drinks were so yummy and grounding. ”

Torie, Summer Solstice Festival

I have loved all of the beverages provided by the Elixir bar! I look forward to working with these lovely ladies again and their magic at my future events. Summer Solstice 2023! The diverse taste and presentations provided are very unique and special experience. All of our guests have enjoyed the elixir beverages.”

Emily Werner, Women's Retreat & Summer Solstice Festival

I bought the herbal divine tokes all the way from the UK and I can’t even explain how much I love this amazing product! I love love love my little crystal gift I got with it! It’s as if Michaela just tapped into my head and knew exactly what I wanted and needed to make this even more amazing! This herbal smoke blend really is out of this world, it smells and tastes amazing! Sends me straight to sleep at night and doesn’t leave a bad taste like other herbal smokes! I can’t recommend this business enough, it really brings the magic with it and I love it so so much!”

Avneesha Waland, UK

My journey with Michaela was everything I hoped for and more! I was interested in eating more whole foods, establishing routines for myself where I could realign at the beginning and end of each day, and to generally to gain more awareness of my body and its needs; inside and out. I am typically awful at committing to schedules, changes, plans, etc. so I knew this was going to be a challenge. Michaela was nothing short of understanding, patient, and encouraging as she helped me through some of my obstacles. The meetings and online yoga sessions really held me accountable for sticking to my choice to evolve my lifestyle as well. I can very honestly say that my body awareness and health has never felt better! ”

Maddie Lutian, 3 Week Coaching Package

An absolutely amazing teacher, coach and human being. The three week nutritional coaching has been a huge life saver and positive life change for me. Never did I feel judged or discouraged, the patience, kindness and knowledge is a true blessing to all. The online yoga classes are my favorite! The perfect way to start or end a day, wonderful for all! A truly safe spot in a hectic world and time. I am blessed to have met you and I am honored for all of your help on my yoga journey, that I have you to thank for. Blessings and love”

Francesca Carlton, 3 Week Coaching Package & Yoga Student

Michaela's teaching style really connects to guiding you through each pose by making verbal adjustments through the online yoga class. It's as if you're standing in the same room rather than watching through the phone or laptop. Being able to get out of my head and into my body during this time has really benefited my stress and energy levels and Michaela is a great guide who really brings you deeply into the experience.”

Keegan Hammer

Attending public yoga classes has always been hit or miss for me. With Michaela I get the full attention of an instructor who's taken the time to detail a practice tailored to my current ability. I cannot emphasize enough how different private instruction is from a traditional public class. I have the freedom to take things at my own pace, someone walks me through the nuance of the movements, and I have the comfort of practicing in own home. I highly recommend exploring this service for anyone who has an interest in holistic health, and especially for someone who is unsure of where or how to begin.”

Tyler Korponai

I had the most transformative experience in my class with Michaela. I’ve been lightly learning about yoga for years, I’ve attended classes for various flows and have flowed under several teachers who all did great jobs in teaching, but in just my first class with Michaela I learned subtle movements in what seemed to be positions I thought I’d gotten down that completely transformed how I see the practice. She breaks down the most intricate little details of each position, making it the most balanced and most transformative way to flow for every leveled yogi.”

Rane Slaoui

I had my first at home private yoga instruction by Michaela yesterday and loved it. She was very knowledge on yoga practice, a great teacher, and relaxing to be around. I find the individualized approach to be extremely beneficial as she was able to meet my exact needs, which do not always happen in a large group setting. I love that Michaela traveled to my home- it was super easy and made it more comfortable for me, as I do not always love the studio environment. I highly recommend working with Michaela and looking forward to having her return!”

Stephanie Bellofiore

I had a semi private yoga session with Michaela and left feeling more relaxed and present than any other yoga practice I've had. The one on one attention is truly transformative. She does more than simply lead you through the movements; she tailors the lesson to your personal abilities, pushing you just far enough to grow your skills, and educates you on the history and philosophy of yoga along the way. Whether you're trying yoga for the first time or are well into your journey, I highly recommend Michaela.”

Olivia Kascak

Michaela did an amazing job! All of her recipes were great! She has an abundance of knowledge on vitamins and their benefits. I learned so much from her workshop. ”

Ann Slaoui, Healing Foods For Depression Workshop
Recent Updates:
Spring Wellness Guide Available Now!  |  Join the HerBusiness Mentorship Program  |  Honey-Based Herbal Infused Simple Syrups now available to ship in the U.S.