Meet Michaela

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I AM a writer
I AM a dancer
A mover of all kinds
I catch planes to far away places
And visit others in my mind
I enjoy my time in silence
Sometimes I love to make noise
Other times you’ll have to listen closely
In order to hear my voice
I AM a thinker
I AM a creator
I bring things to life
That I make with my hands

Gathering inspiration from
The sea, the sky and land
I AM masculine
I AM feminine
Both of these energies
Run through my veins
Dancing barefoot in the sun
Under the stars and in the rain
I AM a nurturer
I AM a healer
But I know I’ve hurt others too
I’m learning to forgive myself
For the things that I do
I hold my loved ones close
And create space for them to bloom
Sometimes my days are sunny
Others are different shades of blue
I’m still learning
I’m still growing
And each day brings something new
If there’s an obstacle in my way
I have a routine that gets me through
I was born with strength inside me
That some may try to deny
But I’ve built my wings to be resilient
So after I fall, I can fly 

© 2020 Michaela Kascak

My Story

When I was 18 years old, my dad gave my family a big scare. He was rushed to the emergency room in the middle of his work day with pains in his chest.


Thankfully, his heart was healthy… but his mind was not.

He had a major anxiety attack and was diagnosed with major depressive disorder (depression). A combination of poor lifestyle habits, stressful working conditions and an unhealthy diet were what got him here. He worked himself into depression, allowing little to no time to care for himself, neither physically nor mentally.

Unfortunately, my dad’s story is not uncommon. This is the reality for most people in the Western world.

At 18 years old, I made a promise to myself that my life would not turn out like my dad’s did. Then, when I was 21 years old, I found myself in a similar position— working so hard that I hardly had anytime to take care of myself. I remembered that promise I made to myself a few years back and decided to make a change.

This is where my healthy journey began.