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I am a writer. I am a dancer. A mover of all kinds. I catch planes to far away places. And visit others in my mind . I enjoy my time in silence. Sometimes I love to make noise. Other times you’ll have to listen closely . In order to hear my voice. I am a thinker. I am a creator. I bring things to life that I make with my hands. Gathering inspiration from the sea, the sky and land. I am masculine. I am feminine. Both of these energies run through my veins. Dancing barefoot in the sun, under the stars and in the rain. I am a nurturer. I am a healer, But I know I’ve hurt others too. I’m learning to forgive myself for things that I do . I hold my loved ones close. And create space for them to bloom. Sometimes my days are sunny. Others are different shades of blue . I’m still learning. I’m still growing. Each day brings something new. If there’s an obstacle in my way. I have rituals to get me through. I was born with strength inside me that some may try to deny. But I’ve built my wings to be resilient. So after I fall, I can fly 

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The Story of Barefood&Barefoot

History of the Apothecary

The In 2018, after completing my Culinary Nutrition program, I began to recognize a pattern in my family, friends and myself. This pattern was a lack of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, presenting as Depression and/or Anxiety.


With the knowledge and experience from my program, I began offering services to support mental health and ease symptoms of mental ‘illness’. I realized that a change in diet was not enough. I began looking further for a “cure” for this epidemic. What I found was not a cure, but instead just the tip of the iceberg. I concluded that it wasn’t just diet affecting our well-being, it was something greater. It was everything.

Our modern world is non-conducive to supporting our health! So, I expanded my offerings to include lifestyle practices and use of herbal remedies. Cue the Apothecary. 

As I started to study herbalism, I recognized that there was a huge overlap between herbs that support mental health and those that have an affinity for the heart. This mirrored my personal realization that we are seeing this mental health epidemic because we live in a world that focuses on the intelligence of the mind and ignores the intuition and feelings of the heart. Many of us are unable to truly express ourselves– that is what we truly desire and need, and therefore are not living our lives. We are afraid of truly living, so we are just going through the motions, just getting by. This has led to a rise in mental and physical health problems which are correlated with misuse and abuse of alcohol and drugs. I knew that I needed to not only offer products or services that help support mental health and heart-centered living, but to make them easily accessible. This meant moving away from traditional unpalatable alcohol-based tinctures and acrid herbal powders. Instead, creating products that are easily understood, offered in community spaces, enticing and affordable. I also knew I wanted… no, needed to offer options for enjoying experiences that didn’t have adverse effects on our health and well-being, in the way that alcohol and drugs often do.

So… in 2020, I  began formulating herbal products that were delicious and would support our mood, open our hearts and release tension. Allowing those who receive them to genuinely show up in the world and truly live their lives! I wanted to ensure anyone new to or hesitant of herbal products would enjoy receiving these plant remedies. I created my first elixir powder mix, Happy Mind Cacao. This Elixir emulates hot chocolate. Rather than being filled with inflammation inducing milk and sugar, it is supportive of mental health through immune modulating ingredients like raw cacao, ashwagandha, lion’s mane and cordyceps.

With the Apothecary as the roots, the Elixir Bar blossomed. 


The History & Future of the Elixir Bar

At a small festival outside of Seattle, I was given the opportunity to create a menu and serve herbal refreshments. I already offered powdered elixir mixes for purchase to make at home, but this was the first time I served refreshments for direct consumption. I enjoyed the creative process, vision, intention and event so much that I decided to birth this into an offering that would last beyond that one event. The feedback I received from guests at the festival also encouraged me to continue. With leftover ingredients, I put together a single drink to offer alongside my herbal products with a local band a few times throughout the Summer.

Keeping up with this momentum, in August of 2022 I was approached to offer the Elixir Bar & Apothecary at a women’s retreat. With feedback I continued to receive, it was clear there was a desire and demand for my offering. I was confident in moving forward to make this passion project an extension of my Apothecary.

Today, Barefood&Barefoot offers its Apothecary, consisting of glycerin-based tinctures, loose tea blends, herbal infused honeys, powder mixes and honey-based herbal simple syrups, online and at select locations (find us in person). Our Elixir Bar is available to be booked for music events, festivals, weddings, gatherings and so much more (book here). You can also find our Elixirs on the menu at some restaurants (see locations). We also offer workshops and events, such as our bi-monthly Goddess Gathering and other offerings, opportunities and experiences (holistic events, yoga classes, mentoring experiences & more. Find them under offerings on our menu.)

If you are a business and are interested in sharing our offerings, check out our wholesale offerings.

For individuals that feel our offerings are the support that they may need, but do not have the financial exchange asked for at this time, please contact MK directly at We offer many different ways to receive our offerings whether it be a sliding scale price, trading for goods, or work exchange.



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