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Michaela’s Story

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When I was 18 years old, my dad gave my family a big scare. He was rushed to the emergency room in the middle of his work day with pains in his chest.

Thankfully, his heart was healthy… but his mind was not.

He had a major anxiety attack and was diagnosed with major depressive disorder (depression). A combination of poor lifestyle habits, stressful working conditions and an unhealthy diet were what got him here. He worked himself into depression, allowing little to no time to care for himself, neither physically nor mentally.

Unfortunately, my dad’s story is not uncommon. This is the reality for most people in the Western world. 

At 18 years old, I made a promise to myself that my life would not turn out like my dad’s did. Then, when I was 21 years old, I found myself in a similar position— working so hard that I hardly had anytime to take care of myself. I remembered that promise I made to myself a few years back and decided to make a change. 

This is where my healthy journey began.

I started practicing yoga, following a plant-based diet and quit my draining 9-5 to pursue what I was passionate about– nutrition, yoga and travel. (Now, I’m not saying you need to quit your job to achieve optimal health and be happy, but I’m sure you can come up with  other areas of your life where change is needed It did not take long to see an improvement in my level of energy and my mood. My chronic headaches and fatigue disappeared. My skin started to look better. I was feeling so good! 

Throughout time the amount of effort I put into maintaining this
healthy lifestyle would come and go, and I felt a change in my physical and mental well-being with each wave.

I final settled into a simple healthy lifestyle and have since been flourishing! 

Here’s What I Learned Along the Way…

As I continued along my path to find health and happiness, one thing became clear: the way to get here was with a holistic approach— using plants to nourish our bodies, and as medicine when needed, in combination with developing healthy lifestyle habits to cure any lack of well-being, preventing the development or spread of illness and disease.

Food, accompanied with healthy lifestyle habits, can heal the body and the mind. 

I recognize that for many, this concept may seem absurd. It did for me for so long too. And as I become more and more aware of the truth behind this, I still found myself questioning why anyone would listen to me ramble on about the importance of diet and lifestyle habits to prevent or slow illnesses and disease, when their doctors would just give them a bottle of pills, telling them “These will make it go away…” 

The answer I found to this question scared me…

In his book, How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger shares this incredible statistic… “only a quarter of medical schools offer a single course in nutrition, down from 37 percent thirty years ago.”


Take a minute to read that again…


“only a quarter of medical schools offer a single course in nutrition…”


The same people who are telling you how to take care of yourself and what to feed your children are not even required to take one single course in nutrition throughout their whole educational career! Anyone who has a general understanding of how the human body works should be blown away by this statistic. 

All parts of our body need to be regularly taken care of in order to keep them working properly, just like a car. Anyone who has basic knowledge of how cars work will understand that what you put into your car (gas, oil, etc.) will determine how well your car runs. It is the same with your body. What you put in your body, determines how well your body is working. When one part of your body is not working right, the other parts are effected….just like with a car. 

So when we feed our bodies food that is not good for it or continuously practice poor lifestyle habits, we are effecting how well our bodies work. When one part of our body starts to be negatively effected by our poor diet and lifestyle choices, the other parts begin to suffer as well. This means that when we are not taking care of our physical body, our mind suffers too and vice versa. 

This information did not take me long to piece together and it made perfect sense. I honestly couldn’t figure out how I never put two and two together before. But now I knew and I was never turning back to those old habits. I was also now ready to share this information with the world…so I went on to earn my Culinary Nutrition Certification and become a yoga teacher. 

Now I am here to teach you about the importance of caring for you mind and body through a nutritionally well diet and healthy lifestyle habits and also, to help you guide your children in making decisions that will contribute to their health, rather than build disease. 

What I am going to share with you is no secret…the use of a holistic approach to health and well-being has been used for centuries throughout various cultures around the world. But there is one main ingredient that you will need to get started, one ingredient that no one can give to you, but yourself. This is the desire to change. Once you have this, you are ready to show up for yourself and begin your journey to overall health and well-being. Namaste!

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