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Barefood&Barefoot is honored to have you as a Wholesale Customer!

Important Notes:

As of Spring 2024, if you are a new customer our Elixir Bar Simple Syrup orders may take up to 2 weeks to complete an order. We are working to increase our production to have orders filled faster soon!

At this time all simple syrups must be refrigerated (6 month shelf life). We are working hard to make them shelf stable without the use of preservatives.

Please click below to download our Wholesale Menu and use it for reference to fill out the form below.

Form Instructions:

1. Please fill out all required sections

2. Fill out a section titled “Item Name, Quantity, Total Cost” for each Item you would like to order in the following format:

“Item Name, Quantity, Total Cost”

Ex: “Anahata Tea, 12, $144”

3. At the bottom of the form add up the total cost of your order by adding up the all of the “Total Costs” from all items

4. We will send an invoice via email within 48 hours. Please add info@barefoodandbarefoot.com to your contacts to avoid our invoices going to spam. The invoice can be paid online.

Click here to download our Wholesale menu.