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Rooted is offered in a 1 fl oz dropper bottle and recommended to be consumed orally (on or under the tongue) two to three times a day for one to three days acute experiences or two to three times a day for two to three weeks for chronic experience of the the following: feelings of being ungrounded/unsettled, overthinking/anxious thoughts, nervousness and other similar feelings, especially when associated with the change in seasons, or one to three times a day, as needed for acute circumstances of the aforementioned experiences. The combination of herbs in this tincture helps to support excess Vata/Vata dominate type constitutions and air signs. This person may be someone who has an upward and outward moving vital force (energy), has trouble staying grounded, experiences excess crown or third eye chakra activity (overthinking, feelings of nervousness/anxiousness, ungrounded) and typically runs cold and dry. Together these herbs create a neutral tincture meaning it is neither very cooling, drying, warming or moistening, making it a good option for anyone. Rooted is a relaxing and nourishing tincture that will help to promote sense of feeling grounded and connected. It helps in working with the Root Chakra and can support the autonomic nervous system (which is associated with the third eye chakra mentioned above.) Ingredients: Wood Betony, Tulsi, Ceylon Cinnamon, Licorice Root, Vegetable glycerin, Distilled water, Black Tourmaline Essence (Gem Essence, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar) & lots of love

About the Ingredients:

Wood Betony* (Stachys betonica): the star of this tincture….neutral to cooling/drying, nourishes and supports nervous system, slightly relaxing, ease tension/feelings of nervousness, mild affects, works best over long periods of time, aids in digestion (especially with issues are related to autonomic nervous system i.e. loss of appetite from nervousness), promotes wound healing (including in the digestive system), calms overdriven Pitta and helps with dampness, helps Vata by promoting downward movement to ground and anchor vital force and reconnect with the body, supports digestion with Kapha. *Wood Betony should be avoided during pregnancy

Tulsi/Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum): warming, grounding, comforting, aids in the bodies ability to adapt to stress (adaptogen), balance, in this tincture its warming properties help to balance out the cooling properties of wood betony and licorice root

Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra): moistening propertjes help to balance out the drying nature of wood betony in this tincture, sweet taste provides comfort, cooling, promotes feeling of grounding, balancing/harmonizing, support adrenals

Ceylon Cinnamon/True Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum): warming, comforting, grounding, rounds out the flavor of this tincture

Black Tourmaline Essence: used to help release negative/toxic energy from the mind, body, spirt that may be built up due to internal and external stressors, making it great for protection. It is recommended for someone with anxieties, stress, anger, negative thought patterns or someone facing a challenge. Black Tourmaline is a very grounding stone, allowing us to release those negative thoughts and come back to earth, out of our mind and into our bodies where we can connect back with our heart space and our true desires.

DISCLAIMER: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are suffering from any physical or mental illness, are on prescription medications, pregnant, breastfeeding or feeling unwell consult a professional care provider before taking any herbs/herbal supplements.

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    I absolutely love this tincture. As an air sign and an overthinker I live in my head so much so that I can get easily disconnected from my body that leads to feeling extremely ungrounded. I especially like to utilize this blend during my PMS phase of my cycle to keep me rooted 🙂 Thanks for creating such a divine blend Michaela!

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    My favorite tincture ever! This tincture is my go to for days when my anxiety is high. Moving fast throughout my days, which can often lead to racing thoughts, this blend brings me back to my center. I’ve noticed that I truly feel grounded after taking this. Thank you so much for sharing the power of plants and herbs!

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