PRE-ORDER: Anahata (Honey-Based Herbal Simple Syrup)

PRE-ORDER: Anahata (Honey-Based Herbal Simple Syrup)



IMPORTANT (please read thoroughly before purchasing): 1. This is a PRE-ORDER meaning you will pay now and your order will not be ready right away. We are aiming to have all pre-orders filled and ready to be shipped by mid March. PREORDER ENDS February 22nd 2. This product ships cold and will need to be refrigerated upon arrival. 3. This pre-order includes a special price for our syrups. Prices will increase when we officially launch them. If you have any questions/concerns send us an email at Thank you so much for your support!!! It means the world to me!!       ABOUT ELEVATE (HONEY-BASED HERBAL SIMPLE SYRUP)

16 fl oz bottle featuring artwork by @_earthspeak_ (makes approx. 16 drinks)

Ingredients: Local Raw Honey, Water, Rose, Hibiscus, Lemongrass & Lots of Love

Flavor Notes: sweet, floral, sour

Intentions: heart-opening, relaxing

All of our simple syrups are curated with ingredients sourced locally from the Pacific Northwest when available (around 70%). We use natural sweeteners, including Local Raw Honey, Maple Syrup and Coconut Sugar, rather than refined sugars. Each syrup is created to support specific intentions through the use of herbs, while being an alternative offering for reasons one may reach for an alcoholic beverage (to relax, ease social anxiety, uplift mood, etc.) We have done all the work, so all you need to do is add ice & water/sparkling water to 1 fl oz of our syrups. Syrups can also be added to hot water and some go well in frothed milks to make a steamer or in lattes! We would love to see what creations you come up with! We believe in the importance of offering more alcohol and drug-free experiences to support mental, physical, emotional & spiritual well-being of individuals, the community they are part of and the world as a whole. With our knowledge of plant allies and their wisdom, along with our background in Culinary Nutrition, we create our delicious & intentional Elixirs to support, enhance and uplift the mood in any space.


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