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In this episode we are blessed to be joined by guest and Goddess sister, Nylah Brooks. We explore harvesting our sacred power and connection to all that is by reawakening to our roots. Nylah sheds some wisdom and light on deities, goddess and planetary embodiment and how we can remember our worthiness as we walk a conscious path of communion with all things.

Together we reflect on the medicine embedded within intentional ritual, water worship, solar activation and the vital role of blessing our bodies with love from the Earth Join us as we collaborate in sisterhood and share our experiences on reawakening to our connection to the Natural world the way our ancestors have and how it is our birth rite threaded deep into our DNA

There is an abundance of genuine love, yin energy and giggles tying this episode together and it is our purest hope you can feel the beauty, joy and gratitude radiating from us and out to you!

About Nylah Brooks: Nylah is a light worker born into the states with West African and Indigenous blood. She is an advocate for the land and community systems that are focused on creating abundance, health and education to liberate souls and re-instill collective consciousness. She is a Holistic Health Guide formally trained in Culinary Nutrition at The Culinary Institute of America. She worked for 8 years as an a professional in the restaurant industry. Where she focused on educating local community through intentional meal, supporting farmers who are stewards of the land and going back to natural preservation techniques Nylah was then introduced to the world of holistic healing where she began to focus more on becoming a studying herbalist with mentorship and hands-on knowledge. This stemmed into her opening her intentional business, The Herbal Alchemist which is a spiritual cosmetic company working with plants and Ifa principles. Currently being of service to local farmers and small Portland based business at farmers markets She also just finished editing her first tarot book, The Flower Attunement Tarot by Felicia Howe, focused around healing through flower essences. Finding time to uplift the voices of the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities by providing safe space for ritual and education of plant medicines. Through food she found herself and healing work. She feels it is her obligation as she obtains more knowledge to help others do the same and in turn help mother Earth. In other words, Ren Fa Di (Join as one)

Connect with Nylah: Instagram @hrb.alchemist

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