Ok, so let’s get this started with me saying I am not a touristy traveler. I actually try to avoid tourist attractions at all costs (unless it is something that truly sparks my interest). So I decided to call this “The Hipsters Guide” because it’s not going to be your average guide to Barcelona. I’m talking about arts of all forms in here, spots that every vegan will love and all the less touristy areas…with a few exceptions. So if you love the arts, good food and good vibes this guide is for you. Let’s get started.

First… Here is a list of what you may need for the day.

  • bathing suit
  • sunscreen
  • beach towel
  • sunglasses
  • money
  • skateboard (If you skate or want to learn how)
  • Shoes for walking
  • Dress in something that can double as a beach outfit and a night at a divy bar (or pack a change of clothes)
  • map
  • camera

Start your day off early at Playa Badalona. 

From wherever you are in the city you are going to want to find your way by metro to Pep Ventura. It’s about a 30 minute metro ride with one stop from the City Center and then a 10 minute walk to the beach from Pep Ventura. The water at this beach is crystal clear. To one side you have a view of the city and to the other, the mountains. The beach was lightly populated when I was there but more with locals than travelers. There is a pier to walk out on where you can look into the clear blue water and see tons of fish and jellyfish. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get lucky and see something bigger! 

If you get hungry, there are restaurants lining the beach as well. Some of them are smaller bar type restaurants right on the sand with shaded seating while others are indoors but still have outdoor seating. But I’ve got some other good restaurants planned for you so don’t fill up here.

Badalona Beach is the best place to start your day relaxed and refreshed with the clean cool water. 

Next head over to La Boqueria Mercat for a late breakfast.

Everything is later in Barcelona. Breakfast is at 11:00, lunch at 5:00 and dinner anytime after 10:00 (but we’ll set this guides dinner for midnight!)

Grab a fresh squeezed papaya juice and some fresh veggies and fruits to munch on for breakfast before heading to MACBA to hang out. Take this opportunity to try some new “exotic” fruits like rambutan, Pitya, star fruit and more. 

Next stop: Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art) in El Raval

Many of the places I have traveled to are very picky with where they let skateboarders skate. So I was very surprised to find dozens and dozens of skateboarders outside of the art museum. I could honestly stay there all day and watch them skate (and after sticking around many days there I am definitely going to be learning how to skate myself). But seriously, dozens and dozens of skateboarders are always outside of the museum. It gives this area (El Raval right next to the Gothic Quarter) a great vibe and makes it my hands down favorite place. 

Time to get lost in Barcelona’s Alleyways.

After finishing up your fruity brunch while watching the skateboarders walk around the alleyways behind the museum for a bit. You will find jewelry and art stores and just get mesmerized by the architecture of this old buildings. If you get lost for a few hours like I did, don’t worry.

Lunch is right around the corner at Veggie Garden. 

Well, actually, there’s two options for lunch around two different corners. Veggie Garden and Vegetalia. Veggie Garden has a fully plant-based menu with delicious salads, sandwiches, smoothies, juices and more. And of course, there are murals lining the walls. I said art, remember? It’s everywhere here. Vegetalia has delicious setan and tempeh empanadas as well as some other vegan options but it is not a fully plant-based restaurant.

Time for some shopping.

I broke my budget here so be careful…but definitely check out Falmingos Vintage Kilo. All the vintage clothing you could ever want and great prices. The music here is awesome too. Start your own dance party after you pick out your new fav item: an oversized vintage Levi denim jacket. At least I started my own after I bought one. You can also check Holala out. It’s very similar but less of the vibe that Flamingos has.

If you’re hungry again or just need a refreshment stop across the street from Holala at Flax & Kale. This menu is filled with declicious salads as well as a plant-based lasagna and more, and juices and (the best) kombucha (I have ever had). They have outdoor street seating as well as a beautiful rooftop terrace.

Find your way to Manchester Bar for a few drinks.

There are two locations. I’ll let you decide which is more your speed. The one located on Career de Valldonzella is a smaller bar where the bartenders know their customers by first and last name, whereas the one located on Career de Milans is more of a touristy bar. You can meet people from all over the world here. 

Make sure to stop at some gelato shops throughout the day to taste some amazing creamy sorbet. Swiit has amazing dark chocolate and mango and of course they go well together too. It has a nice vintage vibe and you can sit in the window frame seating looking out onto the street that will make you feel like you’re in the era of Kings and Queens. 

Stop at Place Reial for your late dinner, paella of course.

Paella is the dish of Spain. There’s also an emoji for it. Type paella in your phone. Yup, I didn’t ever know that’s what that was either. It’s made up of rice and the most delicious mix of spices. It usually comes with seafood but of course we are going for the veggie option here and I promise you won’t disappointed.