If you live on the East Coast, Montreal is a great destination for a short, inexpensive getaway. A plane ticket from New York City generally cost around $200 to $250, round trip and you can stay at an airbnb for $25 a night. Throughout the summer there are hundreds of events. You can take a bike tour around the city, watch a live performance, go to the art museum and more. There is always something to do!

Musèe des Beaux-Arts Montréal (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts)

I had a couple of hours to spare before my scheduled bike tour so I decided to check out Montreal’s art museum and I am so happy I did. They have different exhibitions throughout the year. It is very inexpensive at $20C (which is about $16 USD). The exhibition I saw was based around artists work depicting the current state of the world. Everything is so well put together. I got lost (in a good way) in there for a couple of hours.

Village au Pied-Du-Courant

Village au Pied-Du-Courant is located right on the St Lawrence River, about a twenty minute walk from Rue Sainte-Catherine E. It is a free public space built anew every year. Set like a beach with tables, hammocks, bars, artwork, etc. you will feel like you truly are on a beach as you hang out and grab a drink, dance to some music from a DJ, or watch a performance. I highly recommend checking it out. You can find more information on their website.

Quartier des Spectales

Throughout the year, Quartier des Spectales has many events, festivals and activities. When I went they had a huge dance festival. I took a bike tour to see different art around the city and stopped at Jardins Gamelin where they had live music and some snacks. It was a great experience and Jadrine Gamelin was a great place to hang out. There are multiple events and activities each day.

Old Port

Old Port is the historical Port in Montreal. Many of the streets are closed off for pedestrians, there are many touristy shops and more restaurants than you can count. You can also find an adventure park and zip line here. If you walk along the water, you’ll find the Montreal Science Centre and many other things to do as well. Ironically, I did not plan on going to Old Port but the spa I was going to was located there and I spent the rest of the day walking around. It is beautiful!

Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau

Sur l’eau means “on the water” in French and that’s exactly what this spa is. It’s not on the shore or next to the water, it’s literally on the water, in a boat. This spa is so relaxing. You can schedule a massage, facial, etc. or you can do their water circuit without a reservation. The water circuit is an ice bath, jacuzzi, and wet or dry sauna. Following the circuit helps to eliminate toxins, restore skin elasticity and tone, improve circulation, promote white blood cell production and release stress and tension. After doing the water circuit, you can relax on the deck, take a nap in the hammock swings, grab a bite to eat or visit the garden (an area to hang out, get a drink and enjoy the pools). Plan ahead of time if you want to get a treatment because they do fill up, but just the water circuit was worth it.

No matter your interests there is something for you in Montreal!