Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog, The Gooood Life. I decided to make this blog for myself, as a way to keep all my ideas, thoughts, pictures, and more in one place. I’m thinking (hoping) that somebody may find the adventures of my life inspiring..s

o here they are, for all to see! 

I guess I should start off with a little about myself, huh? Well here it goes… I am 21 years old. I work a full-time, five days a week, eight hours a day job and I am a student. After being at my job for a year I realized that a) I love what I do…but b) I was married to my job and put aside all the things I loved to do because I was drained from working and school. I told myself I would start putting more effort into my life outside of work and school and that is what I have been doing. I love to make jewelry. I took a couple silversmithing classes and just put some things together in my free time. I tried selling my jewelry for a bit, but found it hard to keep up with. I hope that one day I will begin selling it again (maybe on here), but for now I am focusing on other things until I finish school and have (hopefully) a little more free time on my hands.

In January of this year I decided to stop eating meat, which then turned into no fish and now I have officially been vegan for a little over one month! It may not seem like much, but I never pictured myself vegan and here I am, sticking to it and feeling great. I have decided to change my lifestyle completely. I only consume plant-based healthy foods. I began doing yoga a couple times a week and love that as well! From all of these changes I have seen a change in myself..in my mood, in my level of energy and even in my skin (which has been a problem of mine for years!) It’s crazy to think that it has only been a month since I decided to make all of these changes, but as I said they are lifestyle changes which means I plan to stick to them. I will be posting about the yummy foods I make, the changes I am seeing and more in this topic area.

My number one love is traveling. I got my first real taste of travel in February of 2015 when I traveled to Ecuador. I then went to Guatemala in January of 2016 where I volunteered on a childcare project. In September/October of 2016, I volunteered again, this time on an eco-agricultural project in Costa Rica. This past February I spent a long weeke

nd in Toronto. And just last month I did a road trip around the north-eastern section of Colorado. I just booked a flight to Toronto for September and from there will be heading to Montreal! As I said, traveling is my number one love. I plan to continue to see as much of the world as I can. I also hope to do more volunteer projects as well. I will post about my travels, tips, resources, etc. and have uploaded pictures from my previous trips.

The last topic I plan to post about for now is inspiration. Before I went to Guatemala, I created a blog to raise awareness of my fundraising for my trip. I was inspired by so many people to go on that trip and began posting about some of my in

spirations on the blog I had created. I called this page “Desire to Inspire” hoping that these inspirations would help to inspire others as well. I plan to continue this page on this new blog.

So…Hi and welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy (:

x Michaela