A CNE or Culinary Nutrition Expert refers to someone (like me) who has graduated from the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program which is offered through The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. 

What is culinary nutrition?

Culinary Nutrition takes the study of nutrition out of textbooks and into the kitchen. Becoming a CNE has helped me learn how to take all my knowledge about nutrition and apply it to cooking in order to create healthy, healing and therapeutic meals and recipes.

A little bit more about the program...

The CNE Program didn’t only dive deep into the world of nutrition and teach me how to apply all I have learned in the kitchen, but it also helped me to build confidence in my abilities to teach others what I know and to apply healthy and healing practices to other aspects of my life.

Although this program is offered online, it creates a sense of community that I am so glad to be a part of. The support from Meghan (the founder of The Academy of Culinary Nutrition and the director of the CNE Program), the coaches and even other students, is how I was able to build my confidence to help others down their path to a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Are you interested in becoming a CNE?

Mentorship Program

This program is created at a professional level and you will learn so much, but I know at times it can be overwhelming and a little bit stressful. For this reason, I offer a mentorship program for anyone who is interested in becoming a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

It is FREE.

No catch at all!

I will…

…be a point of contact for you if you have any questions, need a little support or just someone to talk to who has been there.

…give you copies of all my previous assignments to reference.

…offer you various resources throughout the program.

If you are interested in my Mentorship Program, shoot me an email at michaela@eatfeellive.com.