This 14 day UnChallenge is created for two people to follow so it is great to get your partner, family member or friend on board with you! But don’t worry, you can do it on your own too! Whether you want to cut out meat and seafood altogether, just cut back on it or have the end goal of following a completely plant-based, vegan diet…this UnChallenge is for you!

The demand for vegetarian and vegan foods has soared over the past two years! Many people are beginning to realize that a diet consisting of mainly plant-based foods is the best option for living a long healthy and happy life. However, transitioning from a diet filled with animal based proteins to one that is made up mostly of plant-based foods can be challenging. That is why I have created this UnChallenge. I have laid out an abundance of information, so your transition doesn’t have to be challenging, instead it well be easy, pea-sy (and filled with lots of other green veggies) lemon squeezyyy (because lemons are oh so healing!)…UnChallenging.

Get a friend on board! This UnChallenge is designed for two people to follow. Do it with a partner and your total investment is only $15 each!


This UnChallenge Includes…

Two, 7 day meal plans (2 Weeks) — with recipes designed to fuel and nourish two people

Week 1 Meal Prep

Week 1 Shopping List

Week 2 Meal Prep and Shopping List Templates

Personal Food Journal