Summer Holistic Lifestyle Guide (PDF)




Sense of Summer A Holistic Lifestyle Guide: Move with the Rhythm of Summer PDF Download Shared wisdom & knowledge from four seasoned wellness leaders with practices incorporated from Western Herbalism, Western Medicine, Medical Astrology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Eastern Herbalism and more. Includes 5 Summer Inspired Recipes, 10 Guided Summer Aligned Practices, 3 Herbal Monographs, Holistic Overview of Summer and 12+ Additional Resources to keep you inspired day after day, year after year. Return to this guide for a holistic experience each Summer.

This guide was created by:

Emily Werner of Living Wild

Michaela Kascak of Barefood&Barefoot

Lindsey Walker of Mockingbird Remedies

Amanda Hitchcock of Earth Witch Wellness


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