Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Write the amount that you wish to put on the gift card in the box below, click "donate" and then go to the "cart" in the menu above to check out.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: In the "Additional Notes" section at check please provide the following info...
  • 1. Name of the person you wish to give the gift certificate to
  • 2. Their email address or street address (if you wish to send a hard copy of the gift certificate)
  • 3. If the gift card is for a specific service, which service (i.e. 3 Week Jump Start Your Health Package) *see list below for specific services and prices
  • 4. Any additional message you would like to add on the gift certificate
  • 5. How you would like it to be signed (i.e. Love, Aunt Sue)
  • *Gift certificates are valid for one year after purchase


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