Divine Tokes (Herbal Smoke Blend)

Divine Tokes (Herbal Smoke Blend)

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  • Product Information:

  • This herbal smoke blend was intentionally created for emotional and spiritual well-being by aiding in relaxation while opening the heart space and promoting connection with the divine self. Packaged loose, 1 oz
  • How to use:
  • Smoking herbs has traditionally been used in many cultures as a sacred practice or ritual, meaning it was not used daily. Herbal smoke blends can be used for occasional ritual, to ween off cigarettes or even as a loose incense blend.
  • Use 1/2 tsp of herb for loose incense or herbal cigarette.
  • Ingredients: Damiana, Rose Petals, Lavender & lots of love
      • Lavender helps us to relax, boost our mood and has anti-anxiety properties, all thanks to its aromatic ingredient linalool, making her great for stress and feelings of anxiety and depression. As a sedative, lavender is a good sleep aid. The blue-violet color of this beautiful flower (one of her doctrine of signatures) is often associated with calm and relaxation. These colors are also associated with a higher frequency and are connected to the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Throughout history lavender has been used to relive headaches (likely to be associated with stress and tension). John Parkinson (a 16th century herbalist) explained that lavender is "especially good use for all griefes and pains of the head and brain" (Your Brain on Plants by Nicolette Perry, PhD and Elaine Perry PhD). She has also been used for memory support.
      • Rose (Petals) represents beauty and love, reminding us to live life from our heart space. She also is symbolic of protection, as she grows wildly, with thorns to protect her. Personally, rose reminds me that no matter what the question or problem may be the answer can always be found in love. She has been used for centuries for her comforting and calming properties. She helps to uplift the mood, making her great for melancholy. As a gentle sedative, she aids in relaxing the mind, body and spirit. Rose is also used for anxiety, insomnia, times of turmoil, grief and irritability and reminds us of the strength and beauty in vulnerability.
      • Damiana is a thymoleptic, meaning it helps to modify your mood. It has traditionally been used to relieve feelings of depression, anxiety and nervousness. Damiana is also a very sensual herb with aphrodisiac effects. Her sensuality reminds us to embrace our own sensuality and connect with the divinity within us. Damiana is a beautiful warming herb and perfect to bring you our of your mind and into your heart to embody all that you desire. Damiana has many other healing actions and properties such as supporting digestion and increasing circulation.
  • This product does not contain tobacco, however, it does still affect the lungs.
  • This product is intended for use by individuals 21 years or older and are legal for purchase. You must be 21 to purchase.
  • By purchasing the divineTokes Herbal Smoke Blend, you agree that you are of legal age in your state, county, country, province, or territory to purchase this product. You also agree to use this product for its intended purpose only.
  • Barefood&Barefoot assumes no responsibility for the improper use of this product. Your purchase from barefoodandbarefoot.com waives, without exception, your right to hold Barefood&Barefoot liable in any way for the misuse of our products. You are agreeing to indemnify and hold Barefoot&Barefoot harmless from any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, actions, penalties, fines, costs and/or expenses arising from, or relating, to any injury, illness, or harm caused by the use of our products.
  • DISCLAIMER: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are suffering from any physical or mental illness, are on prescription medications, pregnant, breastfeeding or feeling unwell consult a professional care provider before taking any herbs/herbal supplements.

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1 review for Divine Tokes (Herbal Smoke Blend)

  1. Avi

    I bought the herbal token divine all the way from the UK and I can’t even explain how much in love with this amazing product! I love love love my little crystal gift I got with it! It’s as if Michaela just tapped into my head and knew exactly what I wanted and needed to make this even more amazing!
    This herbal smoke blend really is out of this world, it smells and tastes amazing! Sends me straight to sleep at night and doesn’t leave a bad taste like other herbal smokes!
    I can’t recommend this business enough, it really bring the magic with it and I love it so so much ????✨????

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