Barefoot Alchemists Elixir Bar

Barefoot Alchemists Elixir Bar offers intentionally curated drinks to support, enhance and uplift the mood at intentional gatherings, parties, weddings, festivals, pop-up events and more!

With our knowledge of plant allies and their wisdom, we aim to help foster relaxing and comfortable alcohol-free spaces with refreshing drinks that cultivate authentic experiences and connections and support overall well-being.




Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an experience that entices all of the senses through our ritually crafted herbal mocktails, better referred to as Elixirs, that help to cultivate community, connection, peace & joy.



Winter Menu

This is a sample menu. We work with the seasons and the menu options will change accordingly. Please fill out the form at the bottoms of this page to hear about more drink options for your event.



Each Elixir is intentionally created to support mental, emotional, energetic and physical well-being. When putting together a menu for your event, we will listen, honor and hold space for whatever energy and experience you are hoping to curate. From here, we will combine our knowledge of herbalism with our passion for exquisite taste to create a menu unique to you.



Spiced Cacao

White Peppermint Mocha

Meet the Alchemists

Barefoot Alchemists Elixir Bar is a collaborative passion project created by Nylah, owner & creator of Herbal Alchemist, and MK, owner and Creatrix of Barefood&Barefoot.





is a Herbalist, Certified Culinary Nutritionist, Registered Hatha/Vinyasa/Ecstatic Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Creatrix with a focus on Mental Health and Heart-Centered Living.

Learn more about MK here.


Herbal Alchemist

is a Holistic Health Coach formally trained in Culinary Arts and Nutrition, Herbalist and advocate of the land, local, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Learn more about Nylah here. 

What is an Elixir?



An Elixir can be defined in many ways. Often they are said to be used to treat or cure an illness. Although this is true for some, others can be used intentionally to simply support our overall well-being.

Our definition of ‘Elixir’:

A liquid potion, ritually crafted with herbs and other powerful ingredients, to help support a specific intention or to create a magickal experience for those that receive it.

Our refreshments serve an alchemical vehicle for delivering remedies in an approachable and delicious way. You may also think of them as a sort of mocktail with powerful properties, or you may even choose to see them as magickal potions!

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We also offer nourishing food catering services for intentional gatherings, events, retreats and more. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving any information about catering!

Intentionally curated


infused with Love

I have loved all of the beverages provided by the Elixir bar! I look forward to working with these lovely ladies again and their magic at my future events. Summer Solstice 2023! The diverse taste and presentations provided are very unique and special experience. All of our guests have enjoyed the elixir beverages.”

Emily Werner, Women's Retreat & Summer Solstice Festival

These drinks are so special and sincere! The creators/owners are the sweetest people you'd ever meet. I tried the Anahata and Cloud9 on the summer menu and can't wait to try the fall menu!! My drinks were so yummy and grounding. ”

Torie, Summer Solstice Festival