In this episode Zach guides us through many different topics from being an artist to animal tracking, to sit spots and primitive skills. But within each of these topics there is one main thread: slowing down. He reminds us to go back to pause and move forward at a slower pace with more intention, returning to our roots, to nature and all of the lessons we can learn when we slow down and exist alongside of nature rather than outside of it, that primitive skills— making a bow, starting a fire, primitive cooking— are our birthrights, we are apart of the Earth and so much more. Personally this conversation lit up so many deeper parts of myself, igniting my primal roots that yearn to run barefoot through forests and streams, far removed from our modern society. But Zach also reminds us that we are not exempt to the rules of nature and all that we have created is natural in its own way as well.
Zach Fisher is a Wilderness Educator, Adventure Guide, and Artist living and teaching in the Hudson Valley, NY. Originally from San Francisco, CA, he made his way to the East Coast in pursuit of a career in the Arts only to be redirected to Tom Brown Jr and the Tracker Survival School in the Pine Barrens of NJ. Since then, he has developed a career as a practitioner and educator of Primitive Technology and Survival Skills, a seasoned Outdoor Guide, as well as a painter and musician. He is fully obsessed with the interconnectedness of living in deep connection with nature and expressing that experience through Art. His goal as a teacher is to foster a profound understanding and appreciation for our wild landscapes and the lives that they encompass. By sharing these experiences, he feels that we can not only shift our perspectives, but also our relationship to ourselves as an integral part of the natural world.
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