Hello Soul Fam! I am so excited to share this episode with my amazing and inspirational friend Rose. In this episode she helps us to move past the trendy pieces of astrology and really start to dive deep into how we can use this in a whole-istic way as a self-reflective system. Moving out of “I am the way I am because my sun is in virgo” (thats me) and into “I understand there is a polarity to each sign. How can I chose the one that points to the high road?” and How can I apply the patterns I recognize within the characteristics of this system to improve my way of being, the version of myself I share with the world and how I interpret and exist within and among the world around me. Personally, I have learned a lot through my ongoing and intimate discussions with Rose. She has helped to guide me through releasing lower energetic versions of myself and striving for the side of light. 


Rose pulls up mine, Jesse’s and the podcast’s natal charts and references them throughout this episode. This will give you a taste of her style for reading natal charts which you may want to keep in mind because at the end of this episode Rose has a very special giveaway she will share! The details about how to take advantage of this giveaway will be discussed as we get close to closing out the episode, but make sure to head to our instagram as well for more details. As always you can find the link in the show notes.


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Take a deep conscious breath. Filling the lungs…. And let it go. Welcome yourself into this present moment. 

Rose gave her first Astrology reading in her teenage years to her childhood best friend. She had no real idea what she was talking about, but the pull towards her future passion was strong even in youth. Astrology followed her around like a forgotten puppy, wide-eyed and waiting for more attention.. Until the chaos of 2020, when she turned to the stars for guidance and found that many astrologers had predicted events similar to what the collective was experiencing.. long before we were experiencing them. It was then that the validity of the Self-Discovery System revealed itself to her and she began studying with the hopes to deepen her relationship with the cosmos to share what she’s learned with others. 
Connect with Rose: 
For now, Rose chooses to remain anonymous to those who do not know her personally. But if you have any questions for her please feel free to send them through WTT Podcast via IG or email.
Connect with us: IG @whats.the.teapodcast,
The signs & their elements:
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
In this episode we talk about two new herbs:
Butterfly pea flower can be found in the Ajna Intuition Glycerite
Wild Dagga can be found in Euphoria Herbal Smoke Blend
Complete Book of Astrology: The Only Astrology Book You Ever Need by Chris Brandt Riske
Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey FREE PDF download
Connect with Jesse: @rootedspiritalchemy
Connect with MK: @barefoodandbarefoot

What’s in our cups?

Rose’s Cup:

For bringing in some sweetness and support the nervous system through calming and grounding…

Oatstraw, Elder Flower, Sea Salt


Jesse Rose’s Cup:

From Nuwati Herbals based out of Missouri– Storyteller Tea Blend, Herbal Remedies from Mother Earth

Mugwort, Sage (from Jesse’s property) Oatstraw, Shavegrass, Skullcap, White Willow Bark, Eleuthero Root, Hawthorne, Nettles

MK’s Cup:

I was really feeling a deep internal desire to switch things up… sooo I added a few herbs that we have never talked about before on the podcast. These are also herbs that I have not used much recently and wanted something new. This blend is deeply nourishing and restoring for the nervous system. It relaxes, opens the heart and supports during times of stress. 

Wild Dagga (Klip Dagga): euphoric, relaxing, aphrodisiac, female reproductive system (energetically), heart-opening, cardiovascular tonic 

Butterfly Pea Flower: Ajna (Third-Eye) Chakra support, intuition, cognitive support, boosts memory

Oat Tops: nourishing and restoring for the nervous system 

Licorice Root: demulcent (moistening)

Schisandra Berries: adaptogen

Nettles: nourishing, mineral rich 

A Deep Dive into Astrology

“Astrology to me is one of those self-reflective systems. It’s a system that can allow you to come into greater awareness with yourself, the world around you and other people that you share the world with. Knowing that, I like to look back as well as look at the present moment and look forward.” – Rose

Where to Start 

Astrology is a complex system. It has become a commonly spoken topic as of recent but it goes beyond just knowing your sun sign. If you are new to astrology or to the world of self-improvement work, Rose recommends starting slow and taking it at your own pace. She shares that a good place to begin is to discover your Primal Triad, also known as your top 3. These are your sun sign, moon sign and rising sun. If you already know what your top 3 are, take some time to really get to know them. This whole episode is about move beyond the surface and really using astrology as a tool to get to know yourself and the world around you on a deep and intimate level.

Why is it important to move beyond the surface of system? 

As the system of Astrology has become a “trendy” topic, just like any other trend, only bits and pieces of it have been pulled out. This creates what I call a “Danger Zone,” or a area where there can be a lot of misinterpretation and only looking at the things that we want to see, and not what can really help us to move through and forward. Trends tend to only pick at the surface and avoid going into the depths of topics where the whole of the system lies. An example of this with Astrology is saying “I am the way I am because this is what it says about my sign,” rather than saying “I see this is one piece of my sign, but this is a complex system. I consciously choose to dive deeper to begin to understand recognize the various patterns within this sign, the less evolved and more evolved versions of it and where I can make changes in the way I think, speak and live in order to continue to evolve into the highest version of myself.” To really understand the scope of this practice, we should walk this self-discovery path through each and every placement within out natal chart. This takes time, patience and practice and goes beyond reading an Instagram caption or watching one or two YouTube videos. This is something that personally, I still have a lot of road to cover. But with dedication for self-improvement and a strong desire to do and be better and in turn create a better world, you can do it and learn so much along the way!

Here are some questions to help guide you through the beginning stage of discovery. Ask these questions for each placement:

What is the less evolved or low road version of this sign?

How do I see this pattern present in my life? In my ways of thinking? In the ways I show up in the world?

What is the evolved or high road version of this sign?

How do I see this pattern present in my life? In my ways of thinking? In the ways I show up in the world?

It’s about coming into the responsibility of knowing yourself deeper and actively, consciously choosing the more helpful way to go… choosing the side of light, of high consciousness.” – Rose 

In what ways can I address and work with the less evolved characteristics of this sign in order to create a positive change in my life, my thoughts and the way I show up in the world and move towards the path of the more evolved version of my sign?

Once you work through getting to know the ins and outs of your Primal Triad. Rose recommends moving on to getting a deep understand of where Mercury is located within your chart and then moving on to Saturn if you are between the ages of 28 and 30 (This is when Saturn returns typically happens. A planetary return is when the planet moves back into the sign it was in when you were born.)

The Podcasts Natal Chart

Did you know that astrology doesn’t just apply to human-beings? Rose pulled about the Natal Chart for the podcast! She explained that the Moon is in the 7th house, this is Libra energy which is all about relationships and bringing things back into balance. Its about justice and beauty, This is has been reflected in the discussions we have had about yin and yang energy, climate change and sustainability, returning back to Earth, slowing down and moving into a more heart-centered way of living and so much more! We are curious: What other patterns associated with Libra and WTT’s Moon being in the 7th House have you seen?

…working with it in a way that makes sense for the individual. A way that will allow the individual to improve their lives somehow. The systems can get very specific. I personally have a lot of issues using my voice…I can see that in my natal chart. I can see that my moon is in opposition to placements that aferin the 3 rd house and ruled by gemini and gemini is all about communication. Knowing that and seeing that in my chart was very validating… You can also look at that in the sense of self-improvement… “This was a hardship I am dealing with in my lifetime in order to grow into something else… in order to use my voice in a different way.” So you can get very specific with it if there is a burning question you have… or where the Moon is in the sky and how that is affecting your personal chart… there is so much you can do with it.” – Rose 

Working with the energies of the Full and New Moon

The New Moon represents new beginnings or fertile soil that you can plant a seed into. Rose explains how you can plant a seed on the New Moon and then harvest that seed in the next Full Moon. Or you can go even deeper with this and complete the astrological cycle even further on the Full Moon 6 months after. 

Look back: When/where have you experienced similar energies? 

Look at the present: What patterns can you see arising now?

Look forward: Where would you like to be when this astrological cycle is completed? 


The Houses and their Correspondences

When looking at a Natal Chart, in the center you will see a circle with pie pieces around the outer edge. On the very outside of the circle is a number. These numbers correspond to the houses.

1st House: Aries, the ram, warrior energy, rebirth

2nd House: Taurus, beauty, sensuality, wealth

3rd House: Gemini, twins, the channel: connecting the above to the below, spiritual 

4th House: Cancer, crab, water, sensitive, home-oriented 

5th House: Leo, sun, lion, summertime, inner child

6th House: Virgo, day to day organization, healer

7th House: Libra, balance, scales, one-on-one relationships, bringing beauty into the world [shadow side example: codependency]

8th House: Scorpio, scorpion, eagle, deep, intense, wealth, money, spiritual 

9th House: Sagittarius, higher education, travel, optimism, philosophical, spiritual 

Midhaven: public image, career, work you bring into the world (your soul work)

10th House: Capricorn, get sh*t done, spiritual 

11th House: Aquarius, community, independent 

12th House: Pisces, the womb, psychic, collective unconscious connection


The Signs & Their Corresponding Elements

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Earth and Water: cold & wet, 

Fire and Air: hot & warm