Heya beautiful beings!

We are oozing with joy to share this episode of WTT with you! Join guest Jessica Sailer and co-host M.K and I for a journey into self discovery through the lenses of holistic health. This is truly an empowering conversation if you are looking to go deeper into yourself and bring recognition to the patterns and cycles that make up our reality


On this episode of WTT we are honored to be joined by Jessica Sailer, owner of Function of Being, for a juicy conversation around holistic skincare and how when we connect to the largest organ in our body we become more in tune to our rhythms, patterns, and cycles


Jessica is a Licensed Esthetician and Functional Skin & Wellness Consultant who prioritizes restoring the function of mind, body, & beauty to harmonize and balance skin conditions with various modalities and philosophies. Skin care is so much more than trendy ingredients, products, fancy tools, beauty standards, and services. It is a practice of self-discovery & self-awareness


Jess reminds us to love and nurture our largest organ in the body that is highly intelligent and that we can view the skin through many different lenses when we are looking for treatment and healing on a deeper level. She encourages us not to compare ourselves and that no two treatment protocols are the same, making it important to practice discernment why purchasing products that do not target the individual


She uses her work as a vehicle into self-awareness and calls her work a “portal into self-discovery”. Her work is aligned with listening to the story the skin is telling you and that slow beauty begins within. Join us as we go into a journey of going within and honoring our cycles through simplistic skincare


Jessica sipped on Lilac, HoneySuckle and Schizandra berries. Jesse _ Plantain, Calendula, Sage, Rose & Reishi tincture. MK embraced Burdock Root, Eleuthero Root, Green Tea, Licorice Root, Cleavers, Rose, Wood Betony & Tulsi


You can explore all of Jess’s beautiful offerings and connect with her below


As always, we lovingly encourage you to brew a cup of intentional tea and enjoy these magical moments of presence with us, embracing the wholeness of our being where we are




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