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About This Episode

Grab your intentional cup of tea & join us for Episode 5, The Doctrine of Signatures, Nature’s Energetic Stamps & A Glimpse Inside Our Herbal Bags

In this episode of What’s the Tea?, join us for conscious sips as we connect over the patterns of Nature around us and within us, the Doctrine of Signatures, and as we dive into what we keep closest to us throughout the day with what’s inside our Herbal Bags 

MK embraced her cup to support her during times of overthinking and looping thoughts – moving out of the mind while Jesse felt called to encode her system with Solar medicine by infusing allies that correspond with the Sun 

We give reverence to the allies from today’s cups, Arnica, St. John’s Wort, Calendula, Goldenrod, Marshmallow Root, Tilia, Cinnamon, Passionflower, Motherwort, Skullcap, Orange Peel, Ginger, Chaga, Reishi & Turkeytail mushroom 

We also want to extend our deep gratitude to Rane, for our new WTT intro song, we love it so so much & hope you do too! Be sure to connect with this talented soul here

We hope this episode supports you and inspires you to tune into the patterns and energetic stamps of Nature