On our first episode of “What’s the Tea?” Jesse and I don’t hold back at all as we dive into the world of herbal energetics and using herbal allies to move through difficult and changing times with ease and grace. We discuss different routes of connecting back to the Earth around us and how we turn to plants for guidance and support for many different reasons. 

The route to connecting through introspection & nature…

Both Jesse and I began our journey to the world of spirituality, holistic health and herbalism through working with our physical bodies first, recognizing different ways foods, plants and various practices (i.e. yoga, physical movement) could support our physical health. Overtime, with introspection and connecting with nature more and more, we began to understand the ways that plants and other practices can heal us on a deeper level, reaching into the emotional body and behind to transform us from the inside out. 

What is herbal energetics? 

Herbal energetics is explained in the way the vital force of the plant is expressed. We recognize the energetics of an herb through our senses— touch, taste, hearing and smell. It is the pattern that we see within a plant that can help us to understand the effect it can have on our bodies physiologically but also on a deeper level— the energetic level. This deeper level influences what happens in our physical body. Therefore in order to truly heal, rather than just masking a symptom of illness, we must reach beyond the physical body and into the emotional body. We touch on this idea briefly in this episode but to learn more about this check out this video by Sajah Popham: https://www.evolutionaryherbalism.com/2017/08/10/what-exactly-is-herbal-energetics/

I believe that when we are using herbal medicines, the way the medicine is received is very important. Alcohol based tinctures are an amazing form of herbal medicine and extract certain constituents of plants that cannot be extracted from other methods, however I have come to realize that when I take alcohol based tinctures I pucker up and resist it based on the taste. I believe that this level of resistance can keep us from receiving some of the medicine that these plants can offer to us on a level that is deeper than physiological level, on the energetic level. 

Of course herbs have various vitamins and nutrients that will be received when we put them into our bodies and help with our physical health. But beyond this, herbs can really helps us energetically and emotionally as well. They can reach into deeper parts of our being and create change in a more subtle, yet powerful way. But when we are resisting this in any way (such as puckering up and not really enjoying taking our medicines) we are not allowing the plants into this deeper part of out being to create lasting change. They can help to break down emotional barriers and open up the heart. 

For this reason I create glycerin based tinctures that have a sweet, candy like taste. Not only do they still provide many of the physical benefits, but they are so enjoyable to take, that they can penetrate through the walls of resistance that we may build up throughout time and help us heal, grow, change and share our light and love with the world around us. 

In this episode we talk a lot about sunshine medicine which can be found in the Divine Sunshine Tincture. Use code SUNSHINE10 for 10% off. 

The Doctrine of Signatures and Correspondences & Our Relationship with Plants

Jesse discusses how Nettles have taken over her garden at a time that she feels her and her family and community really need them. Their sting is a reminder to slow down and be present. This is one way we can see our relationship with plants… they pop up when are where we need them. I have experienced this myself as I moved to the Pacific Northwest, a part of the world that is grey and rainy for most of the year, and St John’s Wort grows almost everywhere here. St John’s Wort’s claim to fame has been its use for depression and more specifically seasonal affective disorder, which is very common here in the PNW. Therefore, we can see how the plants are working in relationship with us, helping to guide and support us through this life and everything that comes along with it. 

This is explained through the Doctrine of Correspondences, which explains the Oneness of everything around us. This invites us to practice reverence with nature and not seeing it as something we have control over, but instead as another piece of us that we must live in harmony with. 

We also talk about the Doctrine of Signatures present in St John’s Wort. This is seen through it’s bright yellow flowers and reflects how St John’s Wort helps us to shine our own internal light out into the world around us. It brings sunshine to grey days! St John’s Wort also has little holes in the leaves that can be seen when helped to the sun. This represents how when used topically, it can help with puncture wounds. The Doctrine of Signatures is when we can see what a plant or other type of food may do for us reflected in its physical appearance. A well-known example of this is how walnuts look like a brain and have various nutrients that help support brain health. Damiana is another bright yellow flower that reflects the way it works in our bodies by bringing sunshine inward and then allowing us to share that light with the world around us. 

What is in our cup’s this week?

Jesse and I will open each episode by introducing the herbs we chose to put in our cup of tea and allow the conversation to flow from here. As Jesse says… 

“I think this is a beautiful invitation…we are sipping on tea and I feel so grateful that we are kind of letting the plants guide us. Thats the real intention here. We are centering this podcast around a cup of tea and in that way, the whole transmission, whatever is being shared is coming from that place. We are allowing the plants to facilitate that journey. We have no real expectations. We are not…trying to structure in our human ways onto this. We are trying to let it flow naturally and I think its really beautiful. It invites people as well, and encourages people to get a cup of tea themselves and sit down and just be present with the plants and the tea. 

This week Jesse and I were both on the same page needing some support as move through some difficult and changing times. These are the herbs we chose to help guide us and give us a big “herbal hug”… 

Jesse’s Cup

At the time of recording this episode Jesse had begun to experience physical symptoms coming up from not taking care of herself in some ways on the mental, emotional and physical levels. She sees these symptoms as a message to slow down and come back to herself. 

  • – Linden Flower (Tilia)- heart-opening, relaxing, mild sedative, antispasmodic, protection, wisdom, air medicine, releasing fear

“It brings me back to somewhere I didn’t even know…I feel so nourished by even just smelling this plant.”

  • – Lemon Balm- “the elixir of life,” heart medicine, calming effects, flow 
  • – Hawthorne- heart medicine/tonic, high electro magnetic frequency (being a part of the rose family),  
  • – Ginger- grounding  

My Cup

Sunshine & warm cozy vibes (its like a big hug in a mug)

  • – Green tea- wake up (caffeine), antioxidants 
  • – Nettles- nourishing, associated with Mars, fire medicine, for the Aries who gest stuck in their head, movement (blood circulation, moving energy from head into the rest of the body, stagnant energy), sting from nettle leaves releases happy hormones (a reminder to stop, slow down, be grateful for what is around you leading to true contentment and joy)
  • – Cleavers- release/letting go of old relationships, diuretic, lymphatic support, moving stagnant energy 
  • – Tulsi (Holy Basil)- relaxation, nervine, adaptogen, flow  
  • – Damiana- sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, helps with feelings of depression, sunshine medicine, aphrodisiac, divine connection, connect back to yourself
  • – Linden Flower (Tilia)- heart-opening, relaxing, mild sedative, antispasmodic, protection, wisdom, air medicine, releasing fear
  • – Ginger- warming, grounding, movement
  • – Lemon Balm- “the elixir of life,” heart medicine, calming effects, sunshine, flow

Get my tea blend here: Sunshine & Cozy Vibes Loose Leaf Tea Blend

Practices for connection with yourself and the world around you…

Communicating with Plants

Plants can speak to us. Not with words in the way that we are used to. But they have a way of communicating with us on a deeper level. In this episode we talk about how sitting with plants and allowing space for them to enter into your energetic space can bring you a lot of wisdom and guidance. We encourage you to go sit with some plants and listen… not the words or sounds, but to what comes up within you. This is the plant communicating with you, guiding you.

Reading Oracle & Tarot cards

I briefly discussed the practice I use when I am working with tarot and oracle cards. I usually pull cards when I am looking for a little extra guidance. They help me to hone in on what I am truly feeling, when my mind and the world around me may be clouding my intuition. Here is what I do:

  1. Breathe: Take a few deep breaths to center and ground.
  2. Cleanse: Cleanse your space, yourself and your deck using a smudge stick.
  3. Ask for guidance from your heart & intuition: I like to hold a selenite wand over my deck and then first hold it to my heart and say to myself “What guidance do I need today?” Next, I repeat this while holding the deck to my third eye. I will repeat this a few times until I feel I am fully present. 
  4. Shuffle & pull a card: Shuffle your deck and then pull a card. I like to pull from the top but you can spread your cards out and choose one if you like. 
  5. Interpret your card: I use the book that goes along with my deck and sometimes a little google search to learn more about what this card represents. From here I interpret what it means to me in this moment. What is coming up for me? Where do I feel these feelings in my physical body? How does the message from this card relate to my life right now? What may this card be guiding me to look at that I have been pushing aside or resisting? How can this message help guide me as I move forward?


Neither Jesse or I are doctors. All of the information shared here, through What’s the Tea? Podcast, Barefood&Barefoot and Rooted Spirit is based off of our own experience and is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your doctor before adding any new foods or herbs into your diet and routine.