Byron Bay is filled with creativity, culture and some delicious vegan treats! After my third trip back to this magical place, I decided it was time to share a few of my favorite things to do in Byron. If you follow my other travel posts, you’ll know I tend to steer clear of a lot of the main touristy activities, but unfortunately, Byron Bay has become like the center of tourism. My last visit made me realize it is hard to find places to truly escape around the main area of Byron, but if you have a car you can explore the outskirts and beyond as well. Here are a few of my favorite things to do around the center of town. 


Let’s start with the good stuff! For a small town, Byron Bay has more to offer when it comes to Vegan goodies than I ever expected. Many cafes offer vegan options, their are endless smoothie and juice shops and more. This are a few of my favorite stops…


This fully plant-based restaurant and alchemy bar is located a few blocks down from the beach. Elixir strives to present its customers with a “curated space- to a peaceful plate- all the way to minimal waste.” Almost everything served here is made from scratch, plant-based and gluten-free, all drinks from the bar use herbal extracts and fruit instead of artificial flavors and they try to produce as minimal waste as possible. The menu ranges from smoothies, coffee and tea to all of your favorite foods to carefully curated cocktails. My choice here was the nachos, but I will definitely be heading back again and again to try more on their menu! 

Vegan Crepes + Chocolate Cake 

Ok, this is a game changer for me. The first two times I was in Byron Bay, I would walk by this chocolate shop and creperie all of the time wishing I could eat a crepe (they are on my list of weaknesses), but they did not have a vegan option. My third time around, my dream came true…vegan crepes! So head to Love Byron Bay Creperie and Chocolate Boutique. You won’t be disappointed. Also, make sure you grab a slice of their Beetroot Chocolate Cake! 

Chocolate Cheesecake

We’ve got a bit of a chocolate theme going here. Crepes, cake…now cheesecake. Byron has it all. Which can be good…or bad if you have no self-control, so be careful! Anyways, the best vegan chocolate cheesecake (in the world) can be found at Santos, an all organic & natural market located on Byron Bays main road, Jonson Street. 

Vegan Donuts

Vegan Donuts can be hard to find, especially real donuts (not the ones that are more like muffins and just shaped like a donut), but of course Byron Bay has them! The Golden Donut has the most delicious vegan donut I have ever tasted (I’m not being dramatic). Its a small place off Jonson Street so don’t miss it! 

The Source Bulk Foods

This is the place to stop for snack needs! My fav is the honey covered cashews, mmmmm! But they have everything from dried fruit, to nuts, nut butters, any of your baking needs, spices and they even have kombucha…all available in bulk! 

Warung Bagus

This cafe is not a vegan cafe, however they have vegan options such as pancakes with coconut ice cream, muffins, tofu options, and more. I spend my mornings here, writing blog posts, enjoying a delicious smoothie and mixing together different combinations of their side dishes (my favorite? Pumpkin tofu, potato cake and avocado!) to make the yummiest meals. Bonus: the staff here is so welcoming and friendly and its right in front of the beach! 

What To Do + Where To Stay 

Sunday Market 

Open from 8 am to 3 pm, the Sunday Market is filled with clothes, jewerly, art, food and more. It pretty much has a little bit of everything that makes Byron, Byron. 


You can’t go to Byron and skip the beach…however, the main beach can get pretty busy. There are a few other beaches you can go to but my favorite thing to do was walk as far as I could down the main beach, to the left to avoid the crowds. At night you can find the beach filled with fire throwers, hoopers, music and cool people! 

The Arts Factory

If you’re into music, nature and art, The Arts Factory is where you need to stay. This hostels name says it all. Art is made here. Art is found here. Its a magical place with many different options for accommodations from dorm rooms, to teepees, to tents and a lot to stay in in your van. Make your own digeridoo, walk through the jungle, enjoy open mic night (filled with incredible talent), and more. This place is like no other.


The lighthouse is a short drive from the main area of Byron, but it is a long walk. I took this walk my first time there to see the sunrise. It took about an hour and half from Jonson Street, but it was worth it. There are also some places that will. Offer sunrise rides for a few bucks. It is the most Eastern point of the mainland of Australia.