My recent trip to Mallorca was very relaxing. We spent days by the water in the quiet town of Sa Rápita. It is located on the East Coast about an hour South of Palma. Here, you can find the beach of Es Trenc. The water is crystal blue, but it is a very crowded beach. To escape from the crowd we walked closer to where we were staying in Sa Rápita and just a five minute walk from our Airbnb, we found a little hidden gem.

Along the main road there are rocks and cliffs leading into the ocean. Some spots make for great cliff jumping, some spots you can easily walk into the water…but we also found a little hangover in the rocks that provided us with some protection from the hot, hot sun and just below a little cave.


We spent hours here, listening to music, jumping into the cave below, skinny dipping, and relaxing in the sun. No one to bother us. It was a magical day.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Mallorca, make sure you add this to your “To Do” list.

Here is a map and directions to the cave:

Just walk straight onto the cliffs from the corner of Av de Mirmar and Carrer del Bacalla in Sa Rápita. The overhang leading to the cliff is almost directly parallel to the street corner but you may need to do some looking.