New Year? Time for a resolution, right? Every year we do it. We think of what we want to accomplish in the next year and set a goal to do that. Lose 10 pounds, start going to the gym, travel more, start a diet, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on. But how often do we actually accomplish these goals? Or stick to them? The first couple weeks of the New Year tend to go well but then we start breaking the new routine we built and before we know we’re right back to where we were last year. So how can you stick to your goals? Here’s some tips.

1. Set a tangible goal.

Often times we set goals that are abstract. Let’s say your goal for the New Year is to eat healthier. But what exactly does this mean? Healthier can mean eating a fully plant based diet or just limiting the number of times you have pizza to three days a week instead of five. So the goal of “eating healthier” is not exactly a tangible one. Modify your goals to be something you can reach. Instead of saying you want to eat healthier, you may make your goal to limit the amount of processed food you eat to once a week. This will help you see the goal and make sure you are working towards it.

2. Adjust your goals to fit you right.

A yoga instructor of mine once told me that goals are like an oversized coat. You put the coat on and it suits you well, but it’s too loose in some places. You need to get it tailored to fit you the right way. It is the same with goals. Often times we set goals that are outside of our limits or we set a time frame to meet a goal when it is not possible. It is okay to start with a big goal, but then break it down into smaller steps that fit you right. Let’s go back to the example of eating healthier in the New Year. The beginning of the year can be busy. Getting back to school or work after the holidays and back into our routines can be difficult. To adjust the goal of eating healthier, you may need to recognize changes you need to make in your routine as well to make this goal fit. Maybe you need to plan a meal prep time. This will help your goal fit you.

3. Don’t expect it to all fall into place at once.

Just because the New Year has begun does not mean you need to automatically meet all of the goals you have set. It takes time. Give yourself time. If February rolls around and you still didn’t meet your goal, that is okay! Keep working towards it.

Overall, going into the New Year with the right mindset is the best way to meet your goals. Remind yourself that you are strong and capable and you will succeed!