One of my favorite things to do when I get to a new city is explore my plant-based restaurant options. And that is the first thing I did in Sydney (after sleeping off my jet lag). I woke up my second day and walked an hour for my first vegan meal in Sydney and I definitely was not disappointed. I have not been disappointed with any of the restaurants I have tried in Sydney, so here they are!

Earth to Table, Bondi

Earth to Table was my first stop when arrived. It is a beautiful cafe serving organic, raw breakfast, meals, smoothie bowls, desserts and more. I highly recommend their beautiful blue ocean bowl, coconut bacon BLT and chocolate raspberry mousse torte. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and so is the staff. You can enjoy your meal outside in their sidewalk seating, inside for a more cafe vibe, or in the back decorated with leaves and flowers making you feel as if you are in a garden.

Joe’s Sandwich Bar, The Rocks

Joe’s Sandwich Bar is a little hole in the wall sandwich shop in between CBD and Darling Harbour. The menu consists of a few amazing plant-based sandwich options. Joe’s keeps its hole in the wall vibe with simple seating on the sidewalk. It is definitely the best little place to check out and you will be blown away at how delicious these sandwiches are. Make sure you’re keeping an eye for it because it is easy to miss!

Health Nut, King’s Cross

Health Nut is a health food shop with a small cafe and smoothie shop inside. The cafe, located on the bottom floor, has different plant-based meals as well as desserts. Their vegan banana muffins always come with different toppings and I enjoyed trying a different one each time I went. From cacao nibs, to strawberries, to nuts…each one was delicious! Upstairs they have a smoothie shop with many different options (not all plant-based so keep an eye out).

Lentil As Anything, Newtown

Lentil As Anything is a veggie based, not for profit restaurant. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner (opened at different times throughout the day so be sure to check ahead) for no set price. They have a menu consisting of one beverage, one dessert and about four meal options to choose from. After your meal you pay the amount you want by putting it in their “magic box.” The suggested amount is $15 AUS. The atmosphere is inviting with live music, all different kinds of people and very friendly volunteer staff. And of course, the food was great!

Real Grounded, Glebe

Real Grounded is a small vegan restaurant located in Glebe. Their menu consists of some comfort foods, such as their delicious mac n cheeze, as well as some healthier options. Their chocolate banana smoothie was the best option for a dessert.

Messina, King’s Cross/Newtown

Messina is a gelato shop but it also has some sorbet (dairy/egg free) options. They have some unique flavors, like pandan coconut. But the best by far is their salted coconut mango (this was hard for me to stay away from). The coconut makes it creamy like served ice cream and it goes well with a scoop of chocolate or strawberry. It is definitely the place to stop at on a hot Aussie summer day!