I have had a lot of friends, family and coworkers ask me how I’m able to stick to the healthy lifestyle I have chosen. I’ve realized I give everyone a different answer. The truth is that I don’t know exactly how I am able to stick to it, but I do know that I wouldn’t be able to at all if I didn’t have any motivation. So my advice to everyone would be to find what motivates you.

I have struggled with acne for years…I tried what seemed like everything. I went to the dermatologist, for pills and topical cream. I tried going on birth control (I have actually seen a correlation with when I’ve stopped using birth control and my skin clearing up). I tried doing all natural remedies. And more. I was to the point where I had enough and I needed a real long term solution. This was one of my main motivators to change my lifestyle. I wanted to clear up my skin.

You’re skin is your bodies largest organ. Skin..an organ? Yes! Your skin is an organ. And as we all know if we don’t take care of our organs that’s when we start to have health problems. And yes, acne is a health problem. The more I thought about it and the more “research” I did, the more I realized that everything in our bodies is connected. What we eat determines our level energy, our health and how our skin looks. Our skin is a reflection of what’s really going on in our bodies. I realized if I wanted to clear up my skin I needed to clean out my body. I have seen a major change in my skin since I changed my diet. I know that the longer I stick with this (which I plan to for the rest of my life) the better my skin will get.

As I said, everyone has their own motivation. So whether it is to clear up your skin (like me), lose weight, maintain your weight, grow your hair, get rid of the bags under eyes, etc…find what it is that you want to change and make that your motivation.

I used to make excuses and say “after this weekend I’ll start eating healthy” or “I’m going to have pizza today but tomorrow I’ll eat healthy.” But then I would continue to put it off until the next day, and the day after that…So one more piece of advice, (and you’ll see me say this a lot more, I promise) “be stronger than your excuses.” Don’t wait until tomorrow, do it today..right now.